Very Clever Title, and Still Great Music (Review of Blondie: Curse of Blondie)

I was in a very small record store in Point Pleasant Nj about 20 Minutes from home and flipping through various titles I saw with great surprise a New Blondie Album?? I was shocked! I had heard about a single floating around but I fifugred it was some random old track that got sudden late recognition (see Queens Bohemian Rhapsody after it was canyonized in the Wayne’s World film) , But here was a complete new album! Now Ive been a on and off fan of theirs for a very long time now, but lately its always been on so maybe Ill be a bit bias in this review(being from New Jersey helps too)

If your expecting variety that was offered in Autoamerican and No Exit, it isn’t here to such a degree. This album (…) is their first straight forward rock album since “Eat to the Beat” (also a clever title).

Blondie never had set out to rehash their old music. They have a sound that is their own, thats what makes Blondie, Blondie. I find the title to be clever because I think its the only way the band memebers can make any money anymore. its understood that, that happens hence the slew of reunions that crop up anymore(Iggy Pop working with the Asheton brothers again, Sex Pistols reunion in 96, and the classic Roxy Music reunion in 01)

This album is somewhat different from No Exit. In that (no exit) album there was 17 years of terrific ideas waiting to explode from the band members.Thats what happens with very smart and creative minds. Jimmy Destri in fact was a key songwriter on that album (I can recommend his long lost early 80s solo album, worth tracking down on vinyl) So variety on that wasn’t a surprise.

Here we find the band finding the sound they had in the old days. I of course bought the import and then the US version for the video on it. The album made me a fan right off the bat with “Shakedown” which is about as rocking as you’d expect a punk band (at heart) could sound, it helps with the Jersey based lyrics, Myself being a son of jersey, born here and still here and all.
The second track “Good Boys” is a clear hit. Some random songs you hear on the radio with the hooks and feel just scream hit, and this track does that. “Undone” is my favorite track on the cd however, with tremendious vocals and great production that got the most out of the song.

All the musicianship you’d expect to hear on a Blondie album , Great singing, great writing, great playing. I like and would recommend it.

On a random note reading the liner notes to the “Eat to the Beat” reissue the producer writes how he felt the title was about record executives eating the band alive to the beat. I found that to be rather fitting.


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