This Thing Is Monsterous (Review of Miles Complete Live at Montreux)

I decided to give this a glowing review even though before hearing it I was not a fan of Miles Davis” music after his “retirement”(retirement is in quotes if you read his autobiography you will understand). This is simply everything you could think of hearing from Miles after 1983. It also is almost entirely new music!! I had to hear the first two discs which are from 1973 and found them to be good but really he wasnt making anything bad at that time, And although I admit to not likling his 80s stuff at first I grew to love it through this box set!! The Cindi Lauper cover is unrecognizable to the original and that is good for jazz fans I think. The real treat for me was the already relased on a single disc from WB giant 50+ band Miles worked with in 91. The Gil Evans orchestra under the direction of Qunicy Jones is worth hearing on its own too so if the money for this is quite insane and it is because i still havent bought it get that album separte. The last disc shows a changing Miles again which makes me super angry that he didnt hang around longer. The band was his smallest in years and they were concentrating on soloing for the most part which is always a real treat. If you are lucky like me you will hear this before buying. If you are a Miles nut and you feel like I do now that the man did no wrong then this should be yours.


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