Some of the finest Jazz from the 70’s (Review of Ron Carter Piccolo)

I knew the name Ron Carter and liked alot of the albums on Prestige so I decided to buy this. Bang! I was out [$] dollars and up one of the greatest jazz albums I have ever owned. This album contains Mr. Carter with the unique sound of his Piccolo bass backed by half of the band soon to be called Sphere(named in tribute to Thelonious Sphere Monk).The atmosphere this album lets out can actually transport you away from your body if you let it. It wont happen the first time. The first time through it will be like meeting a potential girlfriend that you want to get to know but not sure how. After like the second metting you are more comfortable with the unique sound of the Piccolo bass and you are on your way. To think this came from one session is unthinkable. I think this will be around for awhile but I would pick this up without hesitation had I heard it before i bought.
A truley great jazz discovery. God Bless You Mr. Carter.


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