Review of NFL Films Complete Game Archives Oilers @ Bills 1993

This release could be the start of NFL films releasing of full NFL game coverage of the past. If so, then these DVD releases should be popular for a lot of football fans like myself. That aside it is fitting that they chose this game to start the ball rolling (also there is a 12 game collection of the Bears during their dynamic 1985 season (the team and season that made me a fan in the first place).

The game featured on this DVD comes from the playoffs in 1993. I remember seeing it lived when it was broadcasted on NBC. I only remember this game so well because one of my favorite teams (The Oilers, led by Warren Moon and his receivers Haywood Jefferies and Curtis Duncan) had all but completely ran away with the game by the half. It looked as though the perpetual AFC Champion Bills were going to end their winning streak. The NBC commentators even went as far as to jeopardize their ratings by saying in effect that it would be nearly impossible for the Bills to come back and win. You can take a guess at the outcome of the game by the size of the Buffalo Bills name on the DVD cover. Frank Reich was the Bills QB, Reed, Beebe (who was involved in a controversial play). I was just a kid when I saw this game live and it was heartbreaking to watch at the time, but it was a grat football game and well worth watching again. Historical note for newer football fans, the Oilers became the Titans and look for many current hall of famers in the line-up. This DVD and the Bears boxed set should be good and the start of something better.


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