If Ernie Kovacs Had Lived to Make a Music Video (Review of Residents Demons Dance Alone DVD)

The title of this review pretty much sums this up for me and the 5 stars in my opinion are justly rewarded. For those unfamilar with Ernie Kovacs, he was a television icon of the 50s and 60s who specialized in broading the horizions of the medium to such a degree that we havent yet caught up to him, cept for the Residents that as.

I had purchased the album which contains the majority of the material presented here and in a strange way Ive grown to prefer these live versions of those songs as opposed to the studio versions on “Demons Dance Alone” the lp.

The back of the dvd tells the long intricate story of the troubles they had in trying to make a competent concert video of the show. They used night vision type cameras for a good deal of the performance which hads a flavor and a twist to the visuals. True it makes for a grainy picture but it does add to the atmopshere of the music.

The performances are inspired with audio al from a single shows performance but footage from several performance for the visuals. A complicated task that I think not a single music group could pull off for a concert video and frankly wouldnt attempt to pull off either.

They’re three separte versions of Mr.Wonderful (Ms. Wonderful and Life Would Be Wonderful) which acts as a recurring theme for the album, and please look for the nod to Snakefinger with the spirited cover of his song off the “Greener Postures” album (a great album by the way, not Phillip “SnakeFinger” Lithan at his best but still a great album).

I have to recommend this as the top two of the dvds (with Kettles of Fish on the Ouskirts of Town box)they have out now and tops among all other concert videos that ive ever seen(actually I rank all the Residents dvds above other artists dvd offerings, but perhaps im too biased).


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