“Dialoguing” along with no particular place to go

X-What did you do with those pancakes?

Y-Pancakes? I think I threw them in the toilet.

X-They weren’t meant to be eaten anyway

Y-Should I be worried if I begin to hallucinate?

X-No, just ride it out, the worst that will happen is that you will run out the front door and land on your face.

Y-I guess I can’t fly then


Y-I want to go try anyway.

X-Suit yourself, this is a one story building

Y-You are saying you don’t mind if I fly away?

X-I am not saying that because I know you won’t go anywhere? To be honest though, if you did fly away, I wouldnt care much about that either.

Y-I pay half the rent you know you bastard. What if I did leave, what the fuck would you do then

X-Eat inedible pancakes and fly away too.

Y-Yeah, try to fly off the brooklyn bridge.

X-I wonder if Walt Whitman took a piss on the horse carriages when he walked the bridge.

Y-He didn’t publish that leaf of grass.

X-Write it for him.

Y-‘Of the whispered voice deep within my body calling, To the helpless horse drawing the weight of the world across the thunderous life of the river. I relieve the faint cry from within to wet his deathless beard during his lugubrious journey to the outer borough,”

X-You are not Walt Whitman.

Y-I quoted that verse.

X-From whom?

Y-hm, I guess it doesn’t matter from whom if I just made it up.


Y-I think you are right

X- Go make edible pancakes this time.

Y- I can’t cook anything edible, you know that

X-You can’t crack an egg, pour some milk and dump hungry jack in a bowl and mix it?

Y- You could have done that yourself instead of wasting time telling me about it.


Y- I prefer being called an asshole, it sounds more specific

X-Don’t worry, you will be called an asshole too as long as I know you.

Y- I think I will make some of those pancakes I made earlier and try to eat them

X- Good, I will fly to Cairo

Y- Why, because it is hot and sand there?

X- No I want to get sick from the Nile River. I feel like I need to fight a severe bacterial infection.

Y- Those pancakes really did do a number on you. Maybe you will be immune from the bacteria like the locals because of the cakes.

X- What do I do about this? I NEED to fight something!

Y-Call me an asshole again and I will beat you up.

X-No, that is no fun. I want to fight an uphill battle.

Y- Go outside and run around naked for an hour. When the cops come to take you in, fight them

X- Maybe I will fly over the police precinct and take a shit on the building.

Y- You can’t fly

X- I still feel like trying

Y- Ride it out. Maybe you should chug some corn syrup, it might help

X-Did the mail come today?

Y_ There is no mail today?

X- There was no mail yesterday either, what is going on?

Y- No one lives us not even the hairy postman

X-It isn’t her fault she is so hairy.

Y- Where was she from anyway?

X-I don’t know, I think she is greek. Those Michael Dukakis eyebrows are kind of a give away.

Y- Wish she were nicer than she is.

X- I know, she has a constant look like someone took a shit on her lunch. Maybe they did.

Y- Anyway, no mail, no bills , no letters, no coupon circulars, no magazines, no hirsute letter carriers.

X- My magazine is late

Y- Which one

X- Boater’s World

Y- Thought you cancelled that.

X- Nope, I still like to pretend I have a boat.

Y. You’re weird.

X_ You’re an asshole

Y- Good, say that again and we can start that fight. I am getting kind of syched.

X- Sure asshole



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