Random poetry


Forward forward. Back back back.

When you don’t see it ….then you strike

“A palpable hit”

Reset, rethink, reconsider, reevaluate. Then fence

Forward, back back back, an attempt!, then miss

Thoughts rush in, too fast to stop

Too fast to halt the effects

“How did I miss? What went wrong? Was it this? Was it that? Did I                                            ever connect in the first place?”

Confidence fades, will to fight diminishes.  Forward forward back                                                                   back back back.

“No hit on either side” time passes maybe the game is over and                                                     maybe that is part of this useless game.


because of a fate…

Fearing dismemberment

Fate worse than death.

Laying in the bed, balked, disillusioned

Listening to Nick Drake’s “At The Chimes of the City Clock” relating to the songs message of protected isolation.

“Stay in doors beneath the floors,

talk with neighbors only. The games

you play make people say you’re

either weird or lonely”

Sometimes comfort is a prison. Being tired to a comfortable bed is still being tied down.

“And he will lose if he won’t choose

the one he may confide in. Sunny boy with smokes to sale,

went to ground with a face so pale, and never heard about the change,

showed his hand and fell out of range.”


Haikus 1.1 4/14

With pained, ill fitting

Legs, Back, Arms, Hands, Feet, Hair, Mind

Struggling along

Haikus 1.1

Clearing of the throat

I know you must be close

Seeing through my walls

Haikus 1.3

It wasn’t my hope

To be in precariousness

Someone will be hurt

Haikus 1.4

Stutters when’nt silent

Nervousness is Being

Silent! don’t stutter!

Haikus 1.5

Apologies at brink

I seeked silence, avoidance

I’m no pain merchant

Haikus 1.6

Live, Fearing the worst

Keeping myself in close check

This isn’t living

Haikus 1.7

Trying but why try?

Trying isn’t my resolve

Trying is all life

Haikus 1.8

Not trying is Death

Quiet silence of long night

living in Death

Haikus 4/14

for L…”us”:

crippled Foundation

we build our futures for us

sinking into swamps

Haikus 4/14

Blanketing Me!

my weekend was not with Her

But she owned my heart.

Haikus 1.9

I’m not happy

Only The Fool claimed such peace

Restlessness in heart

Haikus 2.1 4/17

Haikus 2.1

Bury fears within

Hiding the doubts, Take Comfort!

The facade is strong Written with a Purpose cont.

Haikus 4/17

More Alive, Alert

Feeding from Her energy

I will be made, break?

Haikus 4/17

Helping yourself up

cowering along alone

This is too common

Haikus 4/17

Eating away within (6 SORRY)

Ripped apart, reassembled


Haikus 4/17

Energy flowing

Fearing the dark, desperate fuel

Fear is Energy

Haikus 4/17

Blackening too much

Falling short of proposals

Decisions not mine

Haikus 4/17

Shakiness too soul

This brings vibrancy, Purpose!

Life is all born of Fear (6 AGAIN)


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