My One Minute Film Script

Shot of Door POV shot. Man enters the room and speaks angrily.

Man (confrontational)

Now look! Im not going to let you sit there, (whining voice) feeling so sorry for yourself?

(Cut to Medeium shot of man looking down off camera)


I just can’t stand seeing you like this anymore and you have no right to expect to me to accept this any longer.

(Cut back to POV)       Man

(yelling) Now I demand! Demand! That you get your act together and stop feeling sorry for yourself!  I know you are frustrated about your size compared to me and the other people you have to deal with but you are almost (slowly) forty years old and it is time you started to accept your size! (pause)

(Cut to Medeium shot of man looking down off camera)



(Cut to) Close up of the cat.

(Cut to) a new close up of the cat showing the animal as towering.


Meow which turns into a  Growl

(Cut to the man medium shot) arms move to hips and head lowers in frustration

(Cut back to the cat shot in imposing fashion, low angle upward)

Cut to POV)                             Man

(directed toward the floor) I’m sorry (pause)

to the camera.       I’m Sorry, OK?

Man turns to leave the room. While walking away says.

Why am I so pussywhipped?

(cut to cat)                  Film ends


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