Well come.

Hello, I would like to point out something about this page. This is NOT a blog. There right now must be close to 1.8 million weblogs for the average internet viewer to choose from, and while this site says “blog” in the title, that is not what I am doing.

What I am doing is working on my writing skills and what you will see are stories. Not entirely true and not completely false either.  Consider this site as a sort of practice football field. Much of what you will read will hurt your eyes, mind and help to heighten your desire to cancel your verizon wireless subscription. For those of you who think what I am writing has some merit or at least can spot the sparks of improvement, hang in there because I am just getting my feet and socks soaked straight through to the skin.

Ranting will not play a role on this site. I do have a political point of view and like most people I am well informed (or hopelessly ignorant depending on which side you are on) as everyone else with a political awareness. That said, I will be one of the few who will exercise restraint when it comes to politics.

Also there will be no daily status updates, nor  myopically pointless rants about what ever is disturbing my harmonious life.  I do not want to read about a stranger bowling 63 with 4 fingers of bourbon greening his liver and I can’t imagine why most of the millions out there would like to read about a stranger’s opinion about people driving slowly in the fast lane of the Garden State Parkway. Who cares about the GSP in South Dakota, or even Utah? Would the existence of such a highway change their feelings about the state of New Jersey? Is it possible for anything to change anyone’s feeling about the state of New Jersey? Pardon my digression but I did make my point clear.

I like the fact that weblog posts fulfill a persons need to unload steam but that is not what this forum will do for me. This site is strictly for writing samples and that being said here is a message for my potential future employers.

Please carouse these writing samples. Accept them as an example of what I have to offer to you and yours here and now for now and forever. Granted, such a statement is well over the top but it is what it is and, well, I like writing those types of things at this late hour (12:45 am 10/25/09, good morning btw). I would like you to be aware that I am a very hard worker who is not afraid of criticism. I feel life is a continuous learning process so I am constantly striving to improve myself with all of the new knowledge that I might hope to acquire. Thank you.


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